Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ever feel like you've been run over by a Fire Truck

That's about what I feel like right now... the Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia is almost finished, and nun too soon for me. If you have ever written a project book, manuscript or embarked on a tireless journey, then you can probably relate. It can be an emotional and exhausting process, not to mention the countless hours sitting at the computer. Which I must say that I hate. Plus I can't type very well. I spend more time correcting miss-spelled words. One look away from the keyboard, and I end up hitting the wrong keys. So... I am taking this time to vent and to share a little bit of my behind the scenes process. Its really not that much fun. I much prefer to be creating, rather than talking or writing about creating.

But... in the end... I am hoping that the benefits everyone will receive form sharing this information will make it all worth while.

Venting is over... I am feeling better now. I knew this blog was going to be good for something.

Smiles : )

Look for the Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia on the Friendly Plastic Blog... coming JULY 4th.

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