Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crystal Creations

Swarovski crystals with all that sparkle... puts a twinkle in my eye, and every girl needs a little bling to suit her mood. Here is just a sample of the incredible selection of Swarovski Beads and Jewelry supplies that Artbeads.com has to offer. How do you choose between all the Beads, Pendants and Rhinestones? You don't... you get a sample of them all and let your creativity flow.

The Filigree Flowers make a perfect focal point to any necklace. As you can see I have distress the two flowers I used in this piece, along with the Cuplink chain for a more worn vintage appearance.

The Rivoli is my favorite Crystallized element. Their unique shape and facets causes the light to simply dance off of them. The color selection is amazing and they can be used in so many ways.
This fabulous Rivoli Collar and earrings was exciting to design and it was truly fulfilling as the piece came to life. When a vision becomes a reality in such a beautiful way, its a feeling you can't quite put into words. WoW! is the best I can come up with.

Here are a few more simplified ways that the Rivoli can be used. They are perfect for pendants and we can't go without adding a little sparkle to our fingers. Filigree rings topped off with some bling. How fun are theses?

My special thanks to Artbeads.com for their very special gift. I hope my creations will inspire you to go on a little shopping spree and create something sparkly of your own.


  1. The Rivoli collar is indeed fabulous!!

  2. I agree! The collar is great! Thanks to you for sharing and to Artbeads!

  3. Your work is beautiful...
    Your Friendly Plastic looks fabulous...I love all the colors and designs!!!


  4. I loved your designs with the Artbead.com crystal collection. Nice, especially liked the vintage set.

  5. All of your designs are beautiful! I especially love the rivoli necklace.


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