Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cylinder Beads

Here are a few more recycled re-creations, using cylinder beads. You know how it is... not everything you make turns out perfect. While making Cylinder bangles... several of them ended up in the scrap drawer. So in my attempt to repurpose and reuse... I cut the bangles into small bead size pieces. Since they had that wonderful curve to them, they were perfect for use on some memory wire I found stashed away.

Along with the cylinder beads I added an eclectic mix of glass and metal baubles. They are a little off beat... yet really fun.

Here is what a single bangle looks like, when it doesn't end up in the scrap bin. I don't know... I think I like the scrappy ones better. See, here's to messing things up.

Here is how the Cylinder designs begin. Give this technique a try... good or bad... you still end up with some great jewelry to wear.
For more information on my Cylinder Technique and everything you wanted to know about Friendly Plastic check out the Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia.

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