Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fabulous Filigree with Friendly Plastic

As I emerge from my cave (Studio) I am bringing with me a few new Creations.
Believe it or not... I really do work hard. That statement is for my husband. Like most... husbands that is, his interest in my work is pretty non-existent. He questions... what are you doing in there? and then states... oh that looks nice. So if I didn't have all of you to share my interests with... it would be a really sad state of affairs for me. So... Thank-You!

Here are the fruits of my labors... well a few of them.
I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate my FP cabochons with my huge collection of Filigree components. My Fracture and Fusion pieces never seem to work for me... too contemporary I guess. So I have been working on a new technique that seem to be a perfect fit. It is actually a combination of two different techniques. I am calling it Stone Works... for lack of a better name. You know how it is... my mind is shot and I can't seem to think of anything spectacular. But the results are pretty fabulous.

The cuff bracelet in this last photo, gives you an idea of what the Stone Works look like when it is not hidden in Filigree.
What I wanted to achieve was, subtle color with hints of reflective light. The outcome was this stone effect, and I think is works quite nicely. These pieces will be available in my etsy store for the Holidays. Hope you were inspired. Filigree and FP, really do make an amazing combination.


  1. oooo.... these are gorgeous! I really like your new stone works!

  2. These really are gorgeous...I like to click on the photo to give me a better view and the colors are amazing!!!
    I've never gotten into filigree much but the Friendly Plastic looks rather interesting!

  3. Jana, I think these are beautiful, you have gone all curvy with your FP.

  4. Thanks...
    Liz... Its about time I moved on to different techniques. I was growing tired of Fracture and Fusion. I seemed to get stuck on one technique for too long. It must be a mental problem : )


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