Friday, November 20, 2009

Stone Works Cuff Bracelets

Here is a hand full of my new Stone Works cuff bracelets. Still not sure about this name...
If you look close enough your can see that I used a technique I like to call color blocking. Which is nothing more than cutting out a section of the Friendly Plastic and replacing that section with a piece of FP cut the same shape but from a different color. It is really a fun technique, with results that can be incredibly unique and different every time. Give it a try and see what you can come up with.


  1. Jana, those are amazing! Just beautiful! You can't really get the full effect until you click on the photo and it goes full size - then you can really see the special effect.

    One question, Jana. What do you wrap your cuffs around when you put them into the cold water? I still haven't found just the right size thing to get a consistent shape. Yours are all so perfectly shaped, and mine, well, not so perfect! LOL But I'll keep on trying, practice makes perfect.

    Thanks for sharing! I can see that I'll be trying this technique too, its awesome!


  2. These are gorgeous Jana, I do agree with Shari...clicking on the photo to get a larger view is a must...your "friendly plastics" have caught my interest!!!


  3. These are wonderful and since they are so painterly how about calling them your "Watercolors" collection? At least that is how they feel to me!
    I just recently found this FP on line community and I am SOOOO happy that I am no longer alone! I'm loving it!! Thanks for sharing and I promise to do the same. All the best. Cathy Frank

  4. Thanks for the kind words...
    To Shari, I use an empty plastic jar for shaping my cuffs. It measures about 7 inches around.
    I'll post a how-to so you can see.

  5. These are gorgeous, Jana!

  6. Just gorgeous gorgeous Jana!!
    Would like to see a video on the process

    Keep up the beautiful work


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