Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Necklace Designs for my etsy store...

A little Friendly Plastic can go a long way in creating just the right focal feature in a beautiful pendant.Sometimes all you need is a little hint of color.

and sometimes the color is what it is all about.

Can you see why I love this medium so much? As far as I am concerned... it always offers just what I am looking for when I start a design.
A bit of inspiration to get you moving with your own designs. Trust me... you will get hooked.


  1. Just gorgeous, each and every piece...your work is always inspirational!!!
    I just might have to give the Friendly Plastic a try this winter!!!

  2. those are great! Love the pops of color

    "sent here on a marvalous surf via"

  3. Oh my gosh I am re-invigorated! I played with freindly plastic eons ago and still have some. Now that I see what you are doing with it I want to play with it again. Thanks for sharing your techniques in the bella armoire issue and on your site!

  4. Glad to see you are inspired... get out your FP and start playing. It won't take long before you are creating your own little works of art.

    A few new techniques will premier in 2010... and I can't wait to show them off.

  5. They look so very pretty with the touch of a metal.They also now engulf a bigger age group.With a matured look and vibrant appeal I am sure they are going to be very much wanted.I love them personally.
    Gold Charm


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