Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Odd Place to Sell Jewelry ... in a Bistro

A good friend of mine owns a fabulous little Bistro called Off the Strip, here in Las Vegas. Through a strange turn of events, he saw some of my Jewelry designs and ask me to put together some displays for his restaurant. You can imagine what I thought... at first. Very odd bed fellows, if you ask me. But after a few visits, great meals, wonderful atmosphere, I decided to give it a go. Making the Jewelry was the easy part... coming up with the perfect display was a bit tricky. Here are the finished display cases.
The hinged glass front doors of these shadow boxes made for easy access to the jewelry but also gave it the protection it needed.

The filigree frames were a perfect way to fill the space and showcase the more prominent pieces.

The photos were a way to fill in the background, plus give a little peek into my background as well. The lovely couple you see, are my Mom and Dad. You can imagine my Mom's delight when she saw the finished displays. I think all of these designs lend themselves to Love and Romance and make a perfect Holiday gift for that someone special... even if it is yourself.


  1. Jana, they are awesome! I am so excited for you. Let me know when you "sell out" as I am sure you will.

  2. What a beautiful display! Just perfect!!! Good Luck I hope you do well at the Bistro

  3. Wow...good for your!!! Best of luck with this! Your displays look wonderful!


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