Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Bundle of Bracelets

I finally quite playing around and have actually gotten some work done. It has been really difficult, since I haven't been feeling up to speed. I have been experiencing so many heat waves, that it can only mean one thing...
I must have Spring Fever!
So, to brighten my spirits as these last days of winter pass by, I have created a bundle of Spring bracelets. A smaller version of my signature cuffs, these little darlings are the perfect accessory... capable of lifting anyone's spirits. And of course if one doesn't do the trick... two or three could be that magical compounding prescription. I hope just glancing at these brightly colored darlings has brought a smile to you face, and a wave of spring fever has warmed your heart. They will be appearing soon in my etsy store. You may need to have one of your very own.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 Spring and Summer Color Forecasts

Courtesy of Fire Mountain Gems here is the 2009 Spring and Summer color forecast.
If your design work includes wearable art, then following the color trends can be vital. These color swatches are incredibly helpful when it comes to designing jewelry and choosing your color combinations. I have a pretty good eye for color, but I also like to confirm my choices. Using these color swatches along with a color wheel is a perfect way to do that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheers to the Girls

I can't think of a better way to start any adventure than with my girlfriends.
They are my biggest supporters. From my jewelry designs to an intoxicated table dance.
They are always there to cheer me on... or to catch me if I fall. My life just would not be full without them. What a JOY!
Cheers... girls! 
And Cheers to all girlfriends out there. Here's to a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR filled with martinis, limo rides, shopping sprees, shoe sales, hugs, and loads of laughter.

Monday, February 2, 2009

At long last...

Well here it is... at long last.
I wanted my first posting to be fun and a way for you to get acquainted with me. There is this crazy tagging thing going on at face book, called 25 random things about me. I really hate those kind of things for the most part. They are like chain letters, which I never respond to. But after reading one that my friend had created, I thought it was a perfect way to let you in on the quirky things that make up my life. So here goes... 

25 random things about me.
  1. I am an Air Force brat, born in Japan. Spoke mostly Japanese when I returned to the states at age 3. Can only remember a few words now. Too bad, I could have been making the big $$$ here in LV.
  2. I attended 8 different schools, K-12. No wonder… I have issues.
  3. I have three grown sons, ages 22, 24, 26. I am still considering therapy, and sending them the bill.
  4. I love LEMON DROP MARTINIS, and host a Martini Madness Party during the Holidays. Jingle… Jingle… its time to Martini and Mingle.
  5. I have the GREATEST girl friends in the world, and cherish their friendship. I consider them to be my finest accomplishments.
  6. My husband Mike, is my knight in shining armor.
  7. I love Labradors, and have 2 of my very own. Bailey (2yrs) and Scooby (11yrs).
  8. Mike and I rescued four desert tortoises, which have turned into TWENTY. Who knew they could reproduce like that. Eleven of them are hibernating in my closet… right now. They think they are dogs, and have just as much right to be in the house. Each of our dog doors are now equipped with ramps just for them. Go figure!!!
  9. I am stubborn and very opinionated. You will always know where I stand on an issue. Even if you didn’t want to know.
  10. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my design work.
  11. I designed a line of bedroom furniture (myself along with several of my friends have my designs in our homes).
  12. I love to drink beer while I Bar B Que. 95% of my cooking is done outside on the grill. No matter what the weather is.  I don’t drink beer 95% of the time, but I might start.
  13. I am a total SHOE freak. Love Sexy Sandals and pretty painted toenails. Maybe being a manicurist for 20 years caused that.
  14. Laguna Beach, CA is my favorite place in the world.
  15. I love to garden and dig in the dirt
  16. My favorite colors right now are… Turquoise, Orange and Green.
  17. I color my own hair. If the color looks like crap… well now you know why.
  18. I think Humming birds are magnificent. I was lucky enough to have three families choose my patio to raise their young. What a privilege.
  19. I have lived in Las Vegas for 37 years. WoW… I guess I really do love the desert.
  20. Cocktails and shopping with my girlfriends is my favorite thing to do. The only thing that can top that… is if we are doing it in Laguna Beach.
  21. I like to snow ski. I don’t do it well… but I am able to stay up on my skis most of the time.
  22. Long walks and hiking in the desert are my personal form of therapy. I do it twice a day with my dogs.
  23. I lie to my husband about going to the gym.
  24. I have a red bikini I bought in Italy, a few years ago. I’m STILL trying to fit in to it. I’m afraid if I don’t do it this year it may be too late. I am 51 you know. OUCH… 51/red bikini. Sorry… that was a mental image you could have done without.
  25. I am going to start the Lemon-aid Diet. Well… Maybe… next week.