Sunday, April 26, 2009


At long last... I am finally getting around to putting together my new line of Attention Getter wallets and purses. I was hoping to have them ready for Mother's Day, but it looks like the middle of May will be a more realistic date.

Here is a look at what's to come. This one is a little over the top. I think I got too excited with the design process, and didn't quite know when to stop, but it gives you an idea of what the wallets will look like.

This wallet measure 4 1/2" x 7 1/2" and is made with a fabulous textured black patent leather, with silver hardware.

The inside has more compartments than you can probably fill, including a check book holder and zippered coin pocket.

They are meant to be... Show Stoppers... Conversation Starters... Attention Getters ... every time they are pulled out of your purse, carried in your hand or worn hanging from your shoulder. Each is a signed original piece of Wearable Art.

Look for these fabulous ATTENTION GETTERS in my etsy store starting May 15th.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's the BACK got to do with it?

Well... if you ask me... it has everything to do with it.
So often this question comes up. How do I finish the backs of my Friendly Plastic pieces. Here is a wonderful option to consider. COPPER... Amaco has a great line of metal products, copper being one of them. I have used their medium weight copper as a backing for some of my pendants with amazing results. The copper is easy to cut with scissors, no need for shears, punch holes with a 1/16" hole punch with out a problem and it can be easily hammered to create texture. You can heat it to create some wonderful color variations, antique, and patina it. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few pieces that have been textured and have had Sophisticated Finishes patina green antiquing solution applied.

These were finished with Liver of sulfur. I love the dark aged effect, it works great with the aged brass filigree components I am so fond of. Along side them are the coordinating Friendly Plastic pieces with my Splash technique (alcohol inks) applied.

Just take a look at how Fabulous your finished pieces can look.
I am sure you have heard this before, but it is worth repeating, because I think it is the most important thing to remember if you are designing jewelry for retail...WOULD I WEAR THIS! I try to design each piece of jewelry as if I were creating it for myself. This way I always strive for perfection and the WoW factor. If you want to get top dollar for your work, then the back really is as important as the front.

Here is a look at the back. One is finished with a patina and the other is finished with liver of sulfur. Both have that aged and worn effect. If you prefer a cleaner look for a more contemporary piece, then leaver the copper natural. Take some time to play with different finishes and effects. Jen Lowe has a great blog post showing several effects that she experimented with. You may want to take a look.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Incredible Aged Metal Fx

Now that I have my studio in order...
What comes next is what I do best... make a marvelous mess.

I have an incredible fondness for metal trash, the rusted, patinaed and verdigrised kind. As I walk each day in the desert with my dogs, I pass by these discarded pieces of trash, keeping a close eye on the ever changing effects that the harsh Las Vegas weather has on them. They become a part of the scenery, the objects I look forward to seeing each day. And I must admit some even become my own personal positions. Desert Art as I so fondly call them. Inspired by the colors and textures of these pieces, I had to try recreating them with Friendly Plastic. Here are some of the effects I was able to create. They will soon become finished pieces of jewelry. Once I have a somewhat fool proof formula for this technique I will share it with you. I did so much playing that now I have to go back and try to remember just what I did to get each effect. Hope you are inspired to try creating your own Metal Fx.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Studio...Before and After

At long last... I have finally gotten to the AFTER. Well it is still a work in progress, but it is finally a nice workable place that I can finally call my STUDIO. I am sure... you all know what an undertaking it is to try to re-organize your craft space. WoW... It was a much bigger job than I had anticipated, but the out come has been well worth the effort. What a joy it is to enter this room now. Just take a look at the transformation.


After... I was so crazy for these ribbon wall unites from Making Memories that I bought three of them. Only used the ribbon rods on the unite above my new desk, though. Look at how neat my alcohol inks are, in these little white baskets. The floating shelves gave me a place to display a few pieces of art work that were stuffed in the closet before. Oh... and look... there is my FP art piece framed and on display.

I have my lap top placed on the book-boxes in the corner and on the other wall unite is where I keep all my soldering stuff along with envirotex, mixing materials and mold making mixtures.

Before... a mess of filigree findings.

After... WOW... too neat... I need to make a mess here. This is my favorite place to sit, here in front of the window, plus I can spend hours playing with all these filigree pieces, so many fabulous designs to create with theses.

You can never have enough filigree jewelry findings to play with.

These divided jewelry displays fit perfectly into the wire drawers, and are easy to lift in and out. I love these... I would buy 100 of these just to fill them up. As a matter of fact that is what makes buying organizers so much fun... is having great stuff to put in them.

Before... can you believe I was able to create jewelry while sitting at this mess?

After... so neat and clean. I am so organized now that I can't find anything. My new desk and cabinet are from Best Craft Organizers, Can you believe I was able to fit all that mess into these two pieces of furniture. Each drawer has fifteen compartments in it. They were a great investment, not cheap, but worth every penny.

Look how beautiful my beads look.

Here is the unite where I used the ribbon rods to hold all my spools of chain. Everything fit perfect.

Mike, (my husband) helped me put up the shelves on this wall. They don't look as nice as the floating shelves but they can hold a lot of weight, that means... lots of good stuff can be collected and placed here. Books and Magazines too.

This is my Stainless steel cutting table. I cut so much plastic that it had to be durable, plus the shelf under it, holds stacks of drawers, each one containing its own color of FP sticks. Talk about organized... before they were in zip-lock bags, tossed into one big bin. It used to be a 30 minute ordeal just to pick out colors I needed for a project. Not any more.

Finally... here is half of my closet where all the rest of my really good stuff is kept. This half got the make over, 12 x 12 drawers replaced the bins and has made it much easier to get the tools and things I use most often.

So... what do you think? Much better than before? I still need a new desk chair, something funky on wheels. Not your typical desk chair. The fun will be in the hunt. If you have any suggestions... please let me know.