Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of Summer SALE

Just Bananas is having an End of Summer SALE... Come and check out my little etsy store, where you will find everything there is 20% off. The sale will run through the end of August. My most popular items and I guess what you could call my signature design, are my Cuff Bracelets featuring my Fracture and Fusion technique. There are several great color combinations to choose from. You might just find one you can't live without.

Most importantly... and the main reason for the sale is the introduction of my Lucky Nickel Necklaces, and the wonderful charity "Birthday Wishes" they help to support. Below... as you scroll down you will see a sample of one of my Lucky Nickel Necklaces. You can read more about how easy it is to not only treat yourself to a Lucky Nickel Necklace, but make it possible for a young girl living in our Foster Care System to receive a Lucky Nickel Necklace as well on her Birthday.

With each of my Lucky Nickel Necklaces… comes a very special wish and blessing, that in these most difficult times, this necklace will bring it’s wearer, Good-luck, Good health and Happiness.

For each Lucky Nickel Necklace purchased, one will be donated to "Birthday Wishes", a charity, which thorough the efforts of its volunteers and donations, is working very hard to make sure that every child within the Las Vegas Foster Care system, receives a Birthday Gift on their birthday. With your purchase of a Lucky Nickel Necklace, you are not only receiving a beautiful necklace of your own, you are giving a young girl living in a foster home, a very special Birthday gift as well. So don't be shy, open your heart and surprise a young girl with a "Birthday Wish".

This lucky pendant was created using my Fracture and Fusion technique. The complex design fuses small fractured pieces together to form a mosaic type pattern. A coat of resin gives it depth and that glass like quality and dimension. The color combination is impressive yet playful. The pendant measures 3/4” round, the size of a nickel. Attached is a silver plated bail. The lucky pendant hangs from a beautiful 18” cable link chain and it fastens with a lobster claw clasp.

No nickel was harmed in the making of this necklace. If you find yourself down to your last nickel, please don’t hesitate to put this lucky nickel to good use.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cylinder Beads

Here are a few more recycled re-creations, using cylinder beads. You know how it is... not everything you make turns out perfect. While making Cylinder bangles... several of them ended up in the scrap drawer. So in my attempt to repurpose and reuse... I cut the bangles into small bead size pieces. Since they had that wonderful curve to them, they were perfect for use on some memory wire I found stashed away.

Along with the cylinder beads I added an eclectic mix of glass and metal baubles. They are a little off beat... yet really fun.

Here is what a single bangle looks like, when it doesn't end up in the scrap bin. I don't know... I think I like the scrappy ones better. See, here's to messing things up.

Here is how the Cylinder designs begin. Give this technique a try... good or bad... you still end up with some great jewelry to wear.
For more information on my Cylinder Technique and everything you wanted to know about Friendly Plastic check out the Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Confetti Beads...

My drawers of Friendly Plastic scraps are beginning to take over my newly organized studio. Something has to be done about it. What to create with all these bits and pieces? Beads, Baubles and Bangles... for starters. What a fun way to use some of your scraps.

There is nothing difficult about making beads. They don't have to be perfect just enjoy the process. All I did was pre-heat my griddle and soften a few scraps, metallic side down on a silicone mat. Next... remove the mat from the heat and begin rolling the edges into the center in order to cover up the backing. Then simply moisten your hands, pick up the plastic and roll it into a ball. Drop the bead into a dish of ice cold water for a few seconds, to harden the out side shell, them pierce the bead with a needle tool. Thats it. A one of a kind bead is born. Check out the Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia for more info on making beads.

String your beads on wire, elastic cording or whatever suites your fancy. Creating bracelets is also a great way to use small scraps of linked chains. Just start connecting them all together with jump rings, and see what you can come up with. An eclectic mix of metal and plastic scraps, that has become a designer piece of jewelry.

This is just the beginning... I have have a few more ideas up my sleeve. If you are a proud owner of my Friendly Plastic 101 book, check out the scrap art greeting cards and scrap art doll that are featured inside. They are fabulous projects, that show you how to turn your scraps into amazing ART.