Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lucky Nickel Necklace Sale ends today...

Today is the last day of my SALE...
My Lucky Nickel necklaces are on SALE for only $10. I have added several new pieces to keep up with the demand, so if you are interested in a gift that gives back... today is your LUCKY day. Hurry over to my etsy store Just Bananas and take a look.

As you will read below I send a special wish of LUCK with each of my Lucky Nickel necklaces. And that luck just happened to pay off for my aunt Carol who lives in Oklahoma. True story... After receiving one of my Lucky Nickel necklaces (my Mom sent it to her) she headed out to her local gambling establishment. Gave the nickel a few rubs... chanted... Come on Jean (that's my Mom)... Come on Jana... and preceded to win $120.00. Wow! When my Mom called to tell me that story and that my aunt now wanted three more Lucky Nickel necklaces to give to my cousins, I just giggled... and then wondered... maybe there is really something to this. So needless to say... I will be testing out my very own Lucky Nickel. I don't know what my magical chant will be... but if what I come up with does't work out, you can bet I will be chanting... Come on Jean... Come on Jana!

Special Holiday SALE... was $15

With each of my Lucky Nickel Necklaces… comes a very special wish and blessing, that in these most difficult times, this necklace will bring it’s wearer, Good-luck, Good health and Happiness.

For each Lucky Nickel Necklace purchased, one will be donated to "Birthday Wishes", a charity, which through the efforts of its volunteers and donations, is working very hard to make sure that every child within the Las Vegas Foster Care system, receives a Birthday Gift on their birthday. With your purchase of a Lucky Nickel Necklace, you are not only receiving a beautiful necklace of your own, you are giving a young girl living in a foster home, a very special Birthday gift as well. So don't be shy, open your heart and surprise a young girl with a "Birthday Wish".

This lucky pendant was created using my Fracture and Fusion technique. The complex design fuses small fractured pieces together to form a mosaic type pattern. A coat of resin gives it depth and that glass like quality and dimension. The color combination is impressive yet playful. The pendant measures 3/4” round, the size of a nickel. Attached is a silver plated bail. The lucky pendant hangs from a beautiful 18” cable link chain and it fastens with a lobster claw clasp.

No nickel was harmed in the making of this necklace. If you find yourself down to your last nickel, please don’t hesitate to put this lucky nickel to good use.

Sale ends Today...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Necklace Designs for my etsy store...

A little Friendly Plastic can go a long way in creating just the right focal feature in a beautiful pendant.Sometimes all you need is a little hint of color.

and sometimes the color is what it is all about.

Can you see why I love this medium so much? As far as I am concerned... it always offers just what I am looking for when I start a design.
A bit of inspiration to get you moving with your own designs. Trust me... you will get hooked.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Still Hard at Work... creating fun new designs

I started playing around with a few ring designs and have had way too much fun, glueing and soldering bezels and setting together. This is a must try for everyone. Just look at how fun these are.I did have to create my own oval shaped cutters so that they were the right size to fit the oval settings and bezels I had. I think Linda did a video on how to make your own cutters. Look for it on the Friendly Plastic blog. It is worth your time to make your own, so you get a good fit.

If you are looking for fabulous filigree and findings... be sure to check out all the supply stores on etsy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Inspired ID-ea

The December issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry has arrived...

Amongst the pages you will find my new ID Bracelets are featured, along with the designs of so many other talented artists.
These were great fun to make. Another way to incorporate my vast collection of filigree with my Friendly Plastic designs. I hope you will pick up a copy of the magazine and give this inspired IDea a try. You will find a few more design ideas along with detailed step-by-step photos and instructions. I can't wait to see what you will come up with.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Odd Place to Sell Jewelry ... in a Bistro

A good friend of mine owns a fabulous little Bistro called Off the Strip, here in Las Vegas. Through a strange turn of events, he saw some of my Jewelry designs and ask me to put together some displays for his restaurant. You can imagine what I thought... at first. Very odd bed fellows, if you ask me. But after a few visits, great meals, wonderful atmosphere, I decided to give it a go. Making the Jewelry was the easy part... coming up with the perfect display was a bit tricky. Here are the finished display cases.
The hinged glass front doors of these shadow boxes made for easy access to the jewelry but also gave it the protection it needed.

The filigree frames were a perfect way to fill the space and showcase the more prominent pieces.

The photos were a way to fill in the background, plus give a little peek into my background as well. The lovely couple you see, are my Mom and Dad. You can imagine my Mom's delight when she saw the finished displays. I think all of these designs lend themselves to Love and Romance and make a perfect Holiday gift for that someone special... even if it is yourself.