Monday, February 28, 2011

Beaded Bliss

I am in beaded bliss...
I went on a little shopping spree yesterday. The ASD Show is in town, with everything from the finest jewelry to survival gear, and everything in between. This is the show I look forward to attending twice year. I always find what I want and end up buying way more than I need.

Just look at my new stash. These great spring colors... I can't wait to start working with them. My creative juices are finally flowing again. Winter always puts me in such a depression. This is all the medicine I need to snap out of it.
From the fresh pops of pinks and oranges to the dreamy blues and greens, these colors have such an uplifting effect on me. It makes me HAPPY just looking at them. I still have two more days of shopping... I wonder what else I will find?

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