Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Friendly Plastic Designs

Be on the look-out for three beautiful Friendly Plastic Designs featured in the following publications.

Jewelry Affaire has got to be one of my favorite NEW magazines. It is bursting with inspiring designs by so many talented artists. More eye candy than you know what to do with. Love love love it.
I am honored to have my Friendly Plastic inlay designs featured, along side all the other amazing designs you will find throughout the pages of the Spring issue.
The layers of stampings and filigree are what really make this design stand out. But don't be intimidated... the process is so simple.

See... what did I tell you. When you see it broken down, it really is a simple process.

Next... Haute Handbags has featured my Secret Fantasy Wallets in its Spring issue.

These feature my Splash Technique applied to white Friendly Plastic. No heating is involved, just alcohol inks on plastic and of course a coating of Envirotex Lite. The colors are fabulous and all the brass and silver stamping and filigree accents make the fantasy come to life. It makes me happy just looking at them.

Last... but not least is my On the Wings of Spring ID style bracelet, featuring my Fracture & Fusion technique.

These bracelets are really fun to make. Look for the DragonFy version in the pages of the March issue of Bead Trends.
Shooooooooy... that was a lot of work. I hope you have been inspired by at least one design.
Get your FP out and start playing. Remember Linda is always excited to share your Friendly Plastic creations on the Friendly Plastic Blog. And if you are interested there is a Friendly Plastic Group on Yahoo. It is a great place to share the FP love, brain storm with others and get answers to most of your FP questions.

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