Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Norma Jean Collection

A new path leading me on a whole new journey. Back in November, I started working on a new line of jewelry. I wanted to create fabulous colorful designs that were eye catching, eclectic and fun to wear. I had already played around with a few designs concepts, and they seemed to go over well with everyone that saw them. Then that little break came, that door opened.  A gallery was interested in giving my little beauties a wonderful home. I was so excited and honored. But they said we need to come up with a new name. Just Bananas is not going to work.  Oh dear... what is a fitting name for these new designs. For whatever reason I did not want to use my own name. I felt they deserved better than that, so the only thing left to do was to name this new collection after the most intriguing woman I know, my Mom. So there you have it... the Norma Jean Collection was born.

You know, there is so much more to the process of launching a new line of jewelry. That I thought I would share it with you. I have so much to learn... so I thought it might be fun  to share my journey with you.  So here goes...

Got the name... the designs are being born... they have their first home... I am having a logo designed...
got my domain name (no site yet)...  have a basic print layout that accompanies each design (this will probably change when I get the new logo)...

What comes next? I would love to hear your input and ideas.

In the mean time... here are a few of my designs, each is named after someone very special and hidden within each necklace is a tiny turtle for good luck.


  1. How absolutely wonderful Jana! Congratulations on having your new collection accepted into the gallery. Your new pieces are gorgeous! Wishing you lots of success with this new venture. Hugs, Myléne

  2. Mylene,

    Thank you so much... I am really excited about this new journey.

  3. Wow, gorgeous work Jana and congratulations on the gallery front, that's fantastic news! Sara x


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