Monday, February 28, 2011

Beaded Bliss

I am in beaded bliss...
I went on a little shopping spree yesterday. The ASD Show is in town, with everything from the finest jewelry to survival gear, and everything in between. This is the show I look forward to attending twice year. I always find what I want and end up buying way more than I need.

Just look at my new stash. These great spring colors... I can't wait to start working with them. My creative juices are finally flowing again. Winter always puts me in such a depression. This is all the medicine I need to snap out of it.
From the fresh pops of pinks and oranges to the dreamy blues and greens, these colors have such an uplifting effect on me. It makes me HAPPY just looking at them. I still have two more days of shopping... I wonder what else I will find?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jewelry that works Triple Time

What started out as a way to get my work area cleaned up... turned into my Favorite Jewelry Designs.

My work area had turned into such a mess, as it always does. I am terrible about putting things away. So I decided to put them together instead. All the random beads, bits of chain and odd links. I simply started stringing beads onto eye-pins. Some were single beads and some were combinations with bead caps or spacers. No special intent, just the process. A Process that was so relaxing and fun that it was almost a form of therapy.

Before I knew it, I had quite a collection of colorful little baubles. I played around with the color placement of the beads, the odd bits of left-over chain and single links until I was happy with how it looked. Then came the real fun... PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. It was such a happy looking piece that I decided it needed to be extra long, 40". That seemed like a good versatile length. That way I didn't have to add a clasp. I could wear it long, wrap it twice around my neck for a double strand...

I figured out later, that I could wrap it 5 times around my wrist for a great looking bracelet.

I loved the eclectic mix so much that I decided to create a 5 strand piece as well. What a STATMENT it makes. Of all the jewelry I have made... this 5 strand piece is my FAVORITE.

Look for these designs along with the amazing works of so many talented artist in the Spring 2011 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. Available in March.

And coming soon to my etsy store.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day...

Share a little LOVE with someone special.
Look for this beautiful Heart Necklace project in the pages of the Winter Issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.
You will also find the step by step photo instructions for my Ravishing Pill Box Rings.
Along with a Faceted Friendly Plastic Necklace and Bracelet Set.
Hope you enjoy the designs and will give them a try for yourself.

Oh yes... and while you're at the book store be sure to pick up a copy of Jewelry Affaire.
You'll find my Patina Technique used to transform Friendly Plastic into amazing metal effect for use in some creative jewelry designs.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tucker... One Year Later and all grown up

My beautiful Tucker is all grown up. In size that is... but not in action. He is still a puppy in every sense of the word . So full of life, with boundless energy.
A favorite past time is spying on the neighbors over the fence.